The Assemblies

Hey, everybody! Finally back to the blog after another short hiatus. So much has been going on since the year started…in fact, next weekend is our Winter Retreat! I don’t know about you, but I am very excited about. As most of you know, this year, we are doing something different that we’ve never done before: Instead of going to one of the “prepackaged” retreats that High Point themselves puts on, we are going to be partnering with 3 other local churches to rent out the whole camp and have the place to ourselves.

I know that some of you may be a little bummed that there won’t be as many people there as there usually is when we go on one of their planned weekends, but I think this is going to be so much better. We are starting to build a relationship with the other churches and youth groups around us. And it’s more than just for one retreat, we’re going to start seeing these groups more often.

So why are we doing it this way? Good question. The main reason is so that we will start to remember that we, The Assembly at Calvary Memorial Church, are just 1 assembly of so many more. No longer do we want to go on thinking that we’re all alone out there, but that there are those around us that are just like us…groups of believers trying to learn and grow…and have a little fun in the process.

It’s time to take this opportunity to break ourselves out of what we know and what we may be comfortable in and to see how we can work together with those who may not know, but are after the same goal. We can do much more together than we can do alone.

Will it be different and new and strange? Yup! Good. That’s what makes things interesting.

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