We have so much more than we think we do. The fact that you are somewhere with an internet connection and a device to even read this proves that! In just 1 week from today, most of us will sit down somewhere, maybe with family or friends, and partake in the holiday we know as Thanksgiving. Don’t worry, this isn’t a lesson about pilgrims.

But sometimes, when you’re at the dinner table, you may be asked to go around the room and say something that you’re thankful for…and sometimes we can have trouble coming up with something. I’ve been there. But if you take a moment to truly look around you, you will see all the things that you have, that you’ve been given…that you got. And you’ll give thanks.

Maybe it will be the people you love, surrounding you. Maybe it will be carefully thought out things that you’ve written on a leaf. Maybe it will simply the food on the table that you’re about to devour. But you will give thanks for things that you have. Because you can’t give thanks for something that you didn’t get.

And that’s really the point. Wait, what? The point is getting? Yes. Yes it is. If someone gives you something, that means that you are getting something. And that’s a reason to be thankful! Let’s be thankful not just for what we can give what we can get! Because even if we don’t have a whole lot, what we do have is really all that matters: Jesus Christ. We got Him! Celebrate that! Don’t just have a Thanksgiving…have a Thanksgetting! Every day!

And don’t stop on Thursday…carry it with you as the Christmas season starts. After all, Christmas is really about getting too…it’s when we got Jesus! Now that is something to truly be thankful for!

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