Don’t Forget About Love

On Tuesday night, Joy and I had the chance to go see a very unique movie. It was called “Revive Us 2” and it wasn’t so much a movie as what it advertised itself as…a family meeting. Kirk Cameron (who I have always had a lot of respect for) has put this on two years in a row now…a gathering of Christians in movie theaters all across the country to sit down with each other and try to figure out how we can be united in order to more effectively share the message of Jesus. Lots of great people were there, too: Ravi Zacharias, Joni Earikson Tada, Ben Carson, the Kendrick Brothers, and more. It was really a great evening.

I share this because something that the Kendrick Brothers said really resonated with me (Those are the guys made the movies “Fireproof,” “Courageous,” and “War Room,” by the way!) When asked a question about how we, as Christian brothers and sisters, can talk with each other about controversial topics without getting into fights, they went straight to the Bible. They reminded us that the two greatest commandments that Jesus gives us is to love the Lord with all our heart and to love our neighbors. What they said was that if at any point, the conversation we’re having or the point we’re trying to make becomes more important than those two things, then that’s how we know we’ve got our priorities wrong.

Our very first priority is to love. The second is to love, too. Remember that.

Even in our own church, I see and hear sometimes brothers and sisters getting into conversations that just aren’t as important as we make them out to be. I know I can be guilty of that and if you’re honest, you probably can be too. We are called to be united as the universal Church of Christ. Let’s not let small differences come between our unity.

And that goes for even our own youth group. We may not always see eye to eye with each other…and sometimes that can be okay…but we are still family and we still love each other. Don’t forget about love. It comes way before anything else.

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