Eternity Is So Much More Than Heaven

What a fantastic time we had last night discussing what Eternity will be like! Every time I talk about it, I get excited for this wonderful life that awaits us. But you know what’s kind of sad? Sometimes I forget about Eternity completely. Sometimes I just go on living my life as if all we talked about last night isn’t an incredible reality. Why do I do that?

That’s a really good question.

I think that sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in what’s going on with life, you know? Things get really busy and there’s places to go and people to see. TV shows to watch, you know what I mean? And because I get caught up in life…even enjoying life…I forget to remember that there’s so much more than this waiting.

Like we talked about last night, so many of us have grown up thinking that Heaven is going to be an eternal church service where we sing out of some heavenly hymn books and sit on clouds. Can you even sit on a cloud? Isn’t it just water droplets? I don’t know, someone needs to look it up.    But, regardless, the good news is that Eternity is so much more than Heaven! Eternity is life with Jesus and life means that there is something to live, something to do, something to participate it. We’ve all heard “life is not a spectator sport,” so why should eternal life be one?

Instead of clouds and choirs, we’ll hike and swim with Jesus and those that we love and those that we will start to love. We’ll learn and read that new book C.S. Lewis must be writing. (I hope it’s part 9 of Narnia, personally.) We’ll truly enjoy Jesus and the eternal life that He has prepared for us to live. Forever.

Now, don’t get me wrong. We can’t always walk around with our heads in the proverbial clouds. We still have a lot to focus on down here. God has us still here for a reason and we have to be ready to serve Him. The Christian Life is still going on right now before we get to Eternity.

But when life starts getting unbearable…or even when it’s great!…it’s always a good idea to look at that river, that mountain, that campfire, that good book…and dream a little about what it will be like on the New Earth, sharing it with Christ and each other.

Can’t wait to see you there!

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