Good Questions

If you were here last night for our continuing study on Eschatology (end times), then you know that we had a really good time talking about the Second Coming and the Millennial Kingdom. I know that at times, it can be a little hard to understand, but keep thinking about and keeping talking about it and always ask questions when you have them!

After our study was over last night, I did get a good question regarding something that we ran out of time to go over. It was so good, though, that I thought it was worth mentioning on here. The question was related to the 1st and 2nd Resurrections and judgements: If Eternity doesn’t begin until after the Millennium, then where do we go now, if we die…either as Christians or non-Christians?

This can be a little tricky. The Bible does talk about an “intermediate state” as we wait for Eternity to begin. When it comes to believers, the intermediate state is quite comforting. In 2 Corinthians 5:8, Paul tells us that when we are absent from the body (dead), we are present with the Lord. Meaning, even before Eternity begins, when a Christian dies, they go to be with God. Could this be the “old heaven” that gets destroyed, like we talked about last night? Perhaps.

Unbelievers are a little more difficult. In Luke 16, we read a parable that Jesus is telling about a rich unbeliever who dies and goes to “Hades.” In Hades, he definitely feels the separation from God and physical torment that we associate with eternal Hell (Lake of Fire). We know from our study together that no one is thrown into the Lake of Fire (eternal Hell) until after the Tribulation, so Hades must be some sort of holding area for unbelievers. This is not purgatory, as Catholics believer, because there is no getting out of this place…the choice has been made. However, Revelation 20 does mention that Hades gets thrown into the Lake of Fire, which signifies the end of the holding area as Eternity is now open for business.

I hope that this clarifies a few things for you guys and maybe answers some questions you may have had. If you still have more questions about this or anything else, please always ask!

See you guys soon!

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